Running 5 kilometers

Running 5 kilometers

If you’ve never run 5K, or it’s been a while since you did, and you want to include runs in your fitness regimen then this is the program for you!
I have been running for many years in various periods of my life. I, therefore, know how important it is to begin slowly and build up. This way you’ll avoid injuries and you will have the energy to finish the whole 5 miles without any breaks. And trust me, I tried this approach many times, and if you start to take things too fast you will end up getting injured. I did this and so have many other, so please follow the guide to running 5 kilometers, and you will end up on the other side without injuries and feeling pretty good about yourself for having completed the entire program.

Start slowly and avoid injuries

These are the most common injuries that you need to watch out for. 

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain.

Archilles Tendinitis which you get when the tendon tightens. 

Runner’s Knee: Look for pain around the kneecap. 

IT Band Syndrome: Look for pain on the outside of the knee.

Shinesplints: Look for lower leg pain.


Remember to stretch

Stretching before and after you run is also an essential part of running, but also a something that many runners ‘forget’ to do. The benefits of stretching are, however, worth the trouble.

Basic stretching exercises after a run:

  1. Quadriceps
  2. Hamstring
  3. Calf
  4. Iliotibial (IT) Band
  5. Piriformis

How to use the program

The program is divided into weeks, which then is divided into three days. The program starts slowly so you don’t get injured. If you feel that it’s going way too slow, then move on to the next day, or week. Don’t move on too quickly even dough you feel like you are able to run more – this is when injuries happen. Your legs have to get used to the extra physical exercise, and if you push your legs too much they will end up getting injured, which could take a long time to get rid of.

Download the program:

Beginners guide to running 5k


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