Coconut oil for your hair

Coconut oil for your hair

Coconut oil…is there anything it’s not good for? Probably, but it seems it has way more benefits than downsides. It’s amazingly abundant with health benefits as well as beauty properties because of its unique composition of nutrients with saturated fats, disinfectant, and antimicrobial fatty acids as well as antioxidants.

We all know that beauty comes from within. Therefore if you have dry skin or hair, you may want to consider your nutrition and include lots of different sources of vegetable fats in your diet.


Coconut oil is not for everyone

Coconut oil helps to retain the hairs natural protein, therefore it can be helpful for those who lack enough natural protein in the hair follicles. Typically, those who have fine to medium shiny hair will benefit with stronger, shinier more voluminous hair. Those with coarse or dry hair may not lack protein in the hair follicles and coconut oil may lead to more brittle hair and even hair loss.

And of course, anyone with an allergy or reaction to coconuts or coconut oil should not use it, no matter the hair type.

There are a lot of recipes for hair masks that include coconut oil out there, so before you try one of them out, make sure that it’s a mask suitable for your hair.


Coconut oil goes well with other ingredients

When you use coconut oil for your hair it becomes especially beneficial when it’s mixed with other ingredients, like honey or oils high in monounsaturated fatty acids, such as olive oil. When it’s combined with olive oil it doesn’t seem to make the hair dry or brittle.


Coconut oil hair mask

Use a hair mask once or twice a week, preferably before bedtime and cleanse the hair with shampoo or rhassoul the following morning.


All you have to do is:

  1. Comb your hair into a high ponytail
  2. Mix a spoonful of coconut oil and a spoonful of olive oil or a spoonful of honey
  3. Divide the oils into your ponytail
  4. Optional: Braid or roll your ponytail into a bun
  5. Optional, but definitely recommended: Cover hair with a shower cap or some kind of plastic to avoid coconut oil to get in your sheets or use something you don’t mind getting oily to cover your pillow
  6. Go to bed and sleep until morning or leave in for at least an hour
  7. Cleanse hair with shampoo or rhassoul

Most people notice a difference after only using this mask a few times. Personally, it has made my hair stronger, shinier and more voluminous. I don’t get as split ends, which means I don’t have to get a haircut as often as before – Yay!



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