About a Hint of Green

About a Hint of Green

Our mission is to make your life a little greener


A greener life

Our philosophy is that if you love something, embrace it. No food groups should be excluded, some are better in moderation, like meat, and some are better in abundance, like vegetables. Think colorful and quality, but also quantity. Everything is OK, as long as it’s not in exaggerated quantities – too much of anything is bad for you, even running and oranges!

Pro-nature! – Pro-organic!

Regretfully our society does not prohibit the use of many environmental hazards. The food and cosmetic industry are lacking regulations about these hazards. These can, among other things, raise havoc in your hormone and immune system. This is why we choose organic food and cosmetics most of the time and try to avoid using plastic.
We offer you food and cosmetic recipes, as well as some training suggestions so you can make your everyday life a little greener.


This page is meant as an inspiration for you to make your day a little greener.

Stay Green!

a Hint Of Green
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